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A Yogi’s Guide to Eclipses

A Yogi’s Guide to Eclipses

We receive between 4-7 eclipses, both solar and lunar, per calendar year with most years receiving 4 eclipses (2 solar and 2 lunar).


Whereas most people are fascinated with the phenomenon of eclipses, the great Yogic Masters and enlightened Sages warn of their detrimental impact on the earth and its people.


The Enlightened Masters suggest that we take great precautions during eclipse time to minimize all negative effects and advise us to wisely use this time for sadhana or spiritual practices, as it is a very auspicious or favorable time to go deep within.


In India, they will close down all of the temples in order to preserve the energy from its power objects within, with the exception of a special temple which specifically addresses the energies that produce eclipses (Rahu/Ketu). It is said that when an eclipse occurs, a great deal of negativity enters into the Earth’s atmosphere, producing a significant effect on the human aura which creates heightened vulnerabilities.

The Yogic Perspective on Eclipses

Eclipses are associated with an increase of negative thoughts, emotions, and actions; such as crime, suicide, disease, depression, natural disasters, confrontation, war, ill health, difficulties, obstacles and emotional outbursts, a year that has 6 or 7 eclipses is considered highly unfavorable.

As well, the day of the eclipse is considered unfavorable, especially at and near its peak.  The most detrimental eclipses are solar eclipses, especially when it is a full eclipse.

It follows that since the sun provides the life force for the planet, its vegetation, animals and people, we would expect that many things would go array without the presence of the sun- even for such a limited period of time.  To say the least, the amount of bacteria present during an eclipse time increases manifold and the chances of getting sick are multiplied.

It is heavily suggested that you don’t view an eclipse nor spend any time outdoors during an eclipse, in order to escape its direct negative energy and impact.  In fact, depending on where the moon is positioned during an eclipse time, and which nakshatra or vedic star is associated with that moon, whoever is born with that same star connected to their moon is predicated to experience the fruit of negative karma within the next 6 months to come.

Of course there are many events and factors that impact one’s life, health, and karmic outcome, and eclipses are just one of them.  However, it is wise to take whatever precautions we can in life in order to minimize any negative outcome.

Below are some suggestions from the saints, that you may wish to follow during an eclipse time- especially if it is a full solar eclipse directly viewed in the area that you live.

Solar eclipses are much more detrimental than lunar eclipses, and full eclipses are much more detrimental than partial eclipses.  Depending on where the eclipse is visible on earth, that region and its people will be the most effected.

2 Practical Tips to Follow During Eclipses


Try not to spend any time outdoors during an eclipse (nor view it), in order to escape its direct negative energy and impact.


3-4 hours before and after the peak of the eclipse and also during the duration of the eclipse try not to eat any food or have juices/water (or eat as light as possible).

The Dangers of Eclipses

There are 108 important brain junction points that are also connected with the function of the 72,000 nadis (energy channels).  These junction points get negativity affected by eclipses and can be the cause for diseases and mental & emotional disturbances.

This is one of the scientific reasons that the Yogis take such precautions during eclipse time.

A solar eclipse happens when the moon is positioned between the sun and earth, during new moon, and a lunar eclipse happens when the earth is positioned between the sun and moon, during a full moon. When a solar eclipse occurs, two weeks following this solar eclipse, a lunar eclipse will occur.  Conversely, when a lunar eclipse occurs, two weeks following it, a solar eclipse will occur.

You can look at various website, for example: www.timeanddate.com/eclipse, that outlines where the eclipse will be visible and for how long.

The longer the duration of the eclipse, the more detrimental it is to the people of that region, and the future of that region.

It can predicted that the region of the world that gets eclipsed, especially if it is a full solar eclipse, will experience hardships and difficulties in the next months to come.  This has been proven both scientifically, as well as been stated by many of the Spiritual Masters.

This also corresponds to the negative outcome that solar flares produce on the Earth and its people, whereby they have correlated that there is an increase in crime, natural disasters, suicides, stock market crashes, debt, war, disease, and societal problems following periods of large outbursts of solar flare activity.


A Great Time for Spiritual Practices

The benefits of doing spiritual practices during an eclipse time is said to multiple thousands of times.  This is a great time for meditation, mantra, pranayama, and yoga asana for example. The following are some specific suggestions you might like to follow that pertains particularly to eclipse times:

  • You might like to shower before and after your spiritual practices during the eclipse time to ward off unseen bacteria.
  • If you have a Rudraksha mala or rosary you may like to wear it during your spiritual practices, and especially during eclipse
    times as it will increase your electro-magnetic energy to ward off any negative effects.
  • It is a wise idea to put a clean cloth over top of your altar, if you have one, in order to preserve the good energy collected at your altar. (or you can use a special dharbha mat if you have one)


Of course each person does the best that they can to live a healthy and happy life, and whenever we can take measures to foster these principles, it proves to benefit us and make life flow with greater ease.


About The Author


As the founder of Blooming Lotus Yoga, a deep yearning for yoga has brought her to seek out its True Essence; it’s essential nature of "being" and the timeless wisdom that embodies these sacred teachings. Lily has fully dedicated herself to her spiritual journey and currently spends extensive time in retreat every year in remote forest ashrams in India, practicing silent meditation and serving those in need.

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