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BLISS! is Blooming Lotus Yoga’s online resource center and magazine full of in-depth and practical guidance on key aspects of enlightened yogic living.


From asana, meditation, yogic psychology and secrets of ayurveda, to scientific breakthroughs into key spiritual principles, BLISS! features a full spectrum of yogic wisdom for beginners, practicing yogis and yoga teachers alike.

By bridging the gap between classical yoga and the modern lifestyle, BLISS! offers the international yoga community empowering dharma teachings designed to awaken each individual’s highest potential, so that we may all live with greater wisdom and embody the depths of compassion.

How BLISS! Works

BLISS! exists as 2 intimately interconnected resources:

BLISS! Magazine

Available online and in print, our BLISS! Magazine is published twice yearly as a “best of” compilation of the articles written on our blog.

The BLISS! Blog

You’re currently here…our aim is to make the BLISS! blog one of the most inspiring and authoritive resources on the web for the next generation of yogis.

Why BLISS! is So Awesome


As you may have noticed the majority of modern yoga journals, magazines and digital publications are full of all sorts of confusion and undue dilution regarding the authentic yoga tradition.  It is our humble aim to offer the general public something more true to the spirit of classical yoga, while still meeting the modern student where ever they may be on their spiritual journey.

To achieve this BLISS! has a few central hubs of in-depth wisdom, each grouped into beginner, intermediate and advanced lessons…

Living Your Yoga

Practical guidance on spiritual practices (sadhana) and easy to implement tips on asana, meditation &  lifestyle.  The main keynote here is “practical.”  Everything is centered around how you can immediately benefit from our guidance once you implement the techniques and methods we share. In addition, this is the home of all the inspirational story people share with us about how yoga and meditation has deeply transformed their lives.


Heart Advice

This section is focused on the how to live in a state of unity.  It includes life lessons that teach you “how to live in the world” and encompasses spiritual teachings that emphasize the cultivation of the higher human virtues and how to apply them to your relationships, work, family life, communities, the environment and yourself.


Deeper Dimensions of Yoga

Intermediate to advanced teachings on yogic philosophy, subtle energy, esoteric principles and the spiritual aspects of yoga beyond asana.  This section is for those wanting to learn more about chakras, meditation, yogic models of spiritual evolution and liberation.


Science & Spirituality

Heavily researched and in-depth information about the latest scientific breakthroughs into spiritual principles.  The main aim is to highlight how science is validating the insights of ancient yogic tradition.  The research will draw heavily from the most progressive domains of modern science and highlight the findings of astro-physics (the study of space) , quantum physics (the study of atoms and sub-atomic particles) and neuroscience (the study of the nervous system & brain).


Awesome Ayurveda

A lighter category that emphasizes easy to apply tips and recipes that enhance health and give yogis insight into the practical application of Ayurveda.  This section will be used to introduce many yet unknown ayurvedic super-foods to the west, as well as highlight the healing properties of ayurvedic herbs.  We will also include many yummy sattvic recipes in this section and natural remedies.


Best of Bali

The magical island of Bali is our home and here we will share key guidance for how our yoga retreat, YTT and meditation students can make the most out of their time while travelling through Bali.  Bali is one of the world’s last remaining spiritual cultures and a tropical oasis for those looking to immerse themselves into yoga and meditation.


Secret Teachings

Esoteric principles, for a more advanced audience.  Lily and Ramananda will primarily write articles for this section, which will feature some rare gems of yogic wisdom.


Vedic Astrology For Yogis

An introduction to vedic astrological principles that can benefit yogis in their sadhana.  The main emphasis will be upon the effect of the sun and the moon upon the human nervous system, breathing patterns and psychological states, as well as yogic techniques that transmute these subtle energies.

How It’s All Connected


BLISS! is designed to offer you ultra-high quality articles, videos and mp3’s that will help you deepen you practice and understanding quickly and effortlessly.

These are delivered straight to your inbox every few weeks once you sign-up for notifications (make sure to do this now so you don’t miss anything) and also shared via our social media channels.

Once you’re ready to go deeper, our comprehensive collection of online courses and workshops, the “Vidya Suite,” offers another level of immersion into the essential teachings of the yogis.

VIDYA is spectacular! This holistic suite of in-depth learning resources encompasses the wisdom of yoga, tantra, vedanta, as well as the greater vedic tradition of which they are a part, to accelerate the integration of yoga into every facet of your life.

Spread out over 9 collections these comprehensive guides will allow you to climb the great mountain of Self-Realization one step at a time.

Combing both theory and practice, the Vidya suite synergisticaly allows you to absorb the sacred knowledge of the ancients, while simultaneously allowing for the unfoldment of your own inner wisdom; cultivated  through empowering and secret yogic techniques that have the power to awaken your highest potential.

For a select few that embarks the epic journey to Bali (our home), the Blooming Lotus Yoga Retreats, Teacher Training Courses and Silent Meditations Retreats are the ultimate immersion into the depths of spiritual awakening.

Still not convinced?!  Check out what people are saying here, here and here.

Welcome to the Family


If you’ve read this far, you’re practically family 🙂

So from the depths of our hearts we welcome you into our circle with a warm “Namaste” and a big digital hug.

By being a member of our online community, you are supported by an ever expanding circle of light, love & happiness and are in the company of some of planet earth’s brightest souls.

Sit back, brew a cup of your favorite drink, start exploring and most of all enjoy….

With endless love,
Ramananda and the entire Blooming Lotus Yoga family


About The Author

Ramananda Mayi

Author of “The Essential Teachings of Yoga,” Ramananda inspires the awakening of the spiritual heart through the wisdom traditions of Yoga, Tantra and Vedanta. A natural born mystic, vedic astrologer and ayurvedic medicinal healer, he is one of the founders of Blooming Lotus Yoga in Bali. Bridging the gap between the wisdom of the ancient sages with the modern age, Ramananda is an advocate of selfless service, devotion, meditation and contemplation as a means of promoting world peace.

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