Ten Simple Ways To Deepen Your Practice


Wether you are a beginner yogi, intermediate practitioner or even a yoga teacher with years of experience this new online course will provide you with :

Key Insights

On how to bring the sublime teachings of yoga into your day-to-day life, so that you may remain peaceful and calm throughout your life.

Moments of Reflection

Get a daily dose of inspiring dharmic wisdom as if your teacher was right there with you guiding your heart and mind into blissful stillness .

Valuable Resources

Get downloadable PDFs, MP3s and Videos that enhance the experience of your sessions with empowering self-transformation tools to use before or after your practice.

During This FREE ONLINE COURSE You Will Learn:


Lesson # 1 – Living to the Fullest

Re-Imagine Your Life And Loving Every Minute Of It.  Take a Moment To Ask Yourself the BIG Questions to Gain Clarity, Tranquility and Balance in ALL Realms of Life.


Lesson # 2 – Using Backbends to Open the Intuitive Heart

Learn How To Use These Powerful Postures To Boost Your Energy In Ways You Likely Never Have Heard Of.


Lesson #3 - Sun Salutions: The Cosmic Connection

The Amazing Secret Of Why You Can Practice This Sequence For Only 10 Minutes Daily And Overcome Sadness and Depression!


Lesson #4 - The Power of Intention in Yoga Nidra

Discover A Method That Is Helping People Around The World Find Relief From Negative Thoughts and Emotions.


Lesson #5 - Tuning to the Rhythms of Your Life Force

The Secret to Longevity Is In Your Breath!  Learn how to Balance Your Breath For Optimal Health and Well-Being.


Lesson #6 – Personalize Your Practice

Learn About Your Personal Elemental Constitution and How Your Body/Mind Type Impacts Your Practice.


Lesson #7 – Yogic Herbs to Enhance your Flexibility

Implement A  Easy Home Remedy To Help Your Body Open Into Poses Quicker.


Lesson #8 – Recharge Your Pranic Flow on Full Moon Nights

The Moon? YES – The Sooner You Know The Better!


Lesson #9 - Expand Your Inner Wisdom

Ancient Teachings Which Reveal Ways To Find Inner Bliss Without Struggling for Enlightenment.


Lesson #10 - The Path of Self-Awareness

Discover The Wisdom That Lies Hidden In Your Heart and Find The Key To Opening It.

Course Teachers:

Ramananda Mayi

Founder, Blooming Lotus Yoga

Lily Goncalves

Founder, Blooming Lotus Yoga

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