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Meditation Retreats in Ubud, Bali

The noble art of silent meditation is a powerful tool to unlock the highest potential of human life and there is no greater gift to give yourself than spending time in silence and deep reflection to open the doors to your life’s purpose.

Silent meditation allows you to find the answers to life’s deepest questions from within, and helps reveal greater states of clarity, well-being and inner peace.  It purifies the mind and opens the Heart so that you may live with greater wisdom and compassion in each moment of your life. The inner transformation that occurs when you simply allow yourself to completely let go and relax into your natural state is truly incomparable.

If you need to spend some time slowing down, clarifying your purpose in the world, or want to go deep within, these free silent meditation retreats are perfect for you. These retreats are for intermediate students who are interested in the yogic approach to spiritual liberation.  These courses provide a strong foundation in which you can continue a meditation and pranayama practice at home, as well as qualify you to teach meditation to others.

In addition to 3 sessions of meditation daily, our Silent Meditation Retreats also features a gentle Hatha Yoga class in the morning that may include Yin Yoga as well as restorative postures, Yoga Nidra (Psychic Sleep) in the afternoon, as well as evening Dharma Talks.

These Bali meditation retreats promise to change your life in ways that you could never have dreamed.  Learning and practicing meditation and pranayama daily is the cornerstone of Yoga practices, and should be made a priority in everyone’s life.  The benefits reaped from such practices extend to all facets of life: our relationships, confidence, wisdom, compassion, sincerity, love, respect, creativity and insight.  All of these attributes arise from a source within, and the only way to access it is to remain silent, listen and witness inside as your highest potential reveals itself.

All Meditations Retreats Feature:


Daily Meditation Sessions

These sessions are the foundation of the retreats and are a rare opportunity to completely immerse into silent stillness.  A complete method of silent meditation, from the yogic tradition, will be taught and will form the basis of practice. This technique includes controlled breathing methods to stabilize the mind (pranayama), and 3 root practices to concentrate the mind upon silence:

  1. Breath Awareness
  2. Mantra
  3. Self-Inquiry

Daily Yoga Classes to Energize the Body/Mind

Suitable for all levels our yoga classes are a fluid sequencing of postures, linked with the breath, to revitalize and rejuvenate both body, mind and spirit.

These energizing and healing classes help the physical body to let go of habitual tension and channel the subtle energy into the spine.


Yoga Nidra to Heal and Release Subconscious Patterns

Yoga Nidra is a powerful, scientific method based on ancient Tantric texts, of complete mental, physical and emotional relaxation.   An invaluable tool for manifestation, letting go of habitual patterns, and connecting to your true nature,  Yoga Nidra releases built up tension, stress and anxiety, providing a perfect tool for the often fast-paced life of the modern world. Yoga Nidra induces the mind to transition from the waking state, through the “hypnagogic” state (between waking and dream), into dream and deep sleep states.

This transition however is not done unconsciously. Using the tool of Yoga Nidra the transition is done with full consciousness and allows the practitioner to access layers of the subconscious mind with clarity and mindfulness.

This allows for the release of many negative patterns in the mind to unravel and ultimately dissolve. This state of heightened awareness, coupled with the equipoise of mind that yoga nidra promotes, ultimately helps elevate us the higher levels of spirituality where inner wisdom and compassion express themselves effortlessly.


Lifestyle Guidance

The daily dharma talks are simply an opportunity to live in Yoga, or Union, with the Divine.  Through the 3-fold process of listening to the teachings of the Awakened Ones, reflecting upon these teachings and through an uninterrupted abidance in the present moment, our True Self or Natural State emerges.  This natural liberation is one of the greatest gifts bestowed by Divine Grace upon each one of us when our hearts are pure and an intense longing for liberation arises.

These powerful sessions are a rare opportunity to gain insight into the teachings of the yogis and learn how to apply them into our lives; so we may truly live in Yoga – Divine Union. These “talks” often focus upon clarifying the path, answering questions and resolving doubts, while also transmitting the essence of the teachings by empowering each individual to continually reflect and abide in their own True Self.

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