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Yoga is Oneness

Yoga is Oneness

Stemming from the Sanskrit word “yuj,” which means to unite, yoga refers to a state of experience when all distinctions, division and separation disappear.


This heightened state of unified awareness, free of duality, is what is often called enlightenment.  It is a state of Being wherein the objective and subjective objects of our experience reconcile into a single unified field of perception – full of peace, bliss and tranquility.


This exceedingly rare and elusive state of unified consciousness is the aim of all yoga and meditation practices.


The yogic techniques used to realize this state of Oneness come in many flavors and they too are known as yoga.  Yet, it is important to understand the key distinction between the methods of yoga, which can be defined as means of “union,” and the ultimate outcome of such practices which is best understood as a state of “unity.”

For millennia people around the world have sought out this mystical state of unified consciousness and their collective experiences, revelations and insights are the legacy of spiritual wisdom that we as humanity have inherited.

While the majority amongst us choose to explore the outer world in an attempt to discover and manipulate Nature’s laws and forces, others preferred to explore the frontiers of human consciousness in order to distill the One Essence which unites the entire cosmos.

These inward seekers are known as yogis (masc.) and yoginis (fem.), and regardless of their cultural background they speak with a singular voice which communicates the universal truth of their collective discovery.

From Socrates’ message of “Know Thyself” to Vasishta’s guidance to inquire “Who am I?”  From Einstein’s proclaim of a “Singularity Theory”  to Lau Tzu’s “Way of the Tao.”  From Chief Seattle’s message that “Everything is Interconnected” to the Dalai Lama’s teachings on “Interdependent Origination.”  From Bob Marley’s hymns of “Jah Love” to Ramana Maharshi’s “Non-Dual Truth,” there is simply no denying that a singular One Reality pervades and unites us all.  To discover this One is the aim of meditation.

Spiritual traditions around the world exist as a result of the enlightened ones amongst us sharing this message of Oneness and inspiring others to realize that awakening to the One is the aim of human life.  As a result of the diversities in culture, language, social and economic conditions the world over this One Truth is called by many names.

Some call it Shiva, others call it Jah.  Some say it is God, others claim it to be the Tao.  Some communities call it your Buddha nature others say it is the Great Spirit.  Some say it is Divine Mother while the supremely wise simply stay silent.

Ultimately it neither of these names, which are simply a way for the limited faculty of speech to express the inexpressible.

It transcends all names and forms, yet paradoxically, supports and is the substratum of them all.  It is simply That Which Is.  Nothing more – nothing less.

In the modern age, as the world cultures are meeting and their spiritual traditions become available to us a great paradigm shift is occurring in human consciousness.

Many amongst us are now realizing that the simple black and white, good and bad, theistic and atheistic models of spirituality that we have inherited from our ancestors have a lot of room in the middle and that neither extreme is actually correct.


Truth doesn’t take sides.  It simply is the point of equilibrium upon which extremes find balance.


In the emerging global culture, as humanity continues to explore and access the teachings of the awakened ones many more among us will realize the essential unity of which they speak.

Many more among us will dedicate themselves to having this direct experience and sharing the revelations of their Soul to those hungry for truth.  Many more among us will open our hearts and minds to the real reason we are here.

The world is waiting for your realization – as it will usher in a brighter age of peace, prosperity and spiritual illumination.

Now is the time to awaken to this Truth.  Now is the time to awaken to your life’s purpose.  The One is calling – are you listening?!


About The Author

Ramananda Mayi

Author of “The Essential Teachings of Yoga,” Ramananda inspires the awakening of the spiritual heart through the wisdom traditions of Yoga, Tantra and Vedanta. A natural born mystic, vedic astrologer and ayurvedic medicinal healer, he is one of the founders of Blooming Lotus Yoga in Bali. Bridging the gap between the wisdom of the ancient sages with the modern age, Ramananda is an advocate of selfless service, devotion, meditation and contemplation as a means of promoting world peace.

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