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by Lily Goncalves | Beginner | Deeper Dimensions Of Yoga

Yoga Nidra is a very ancient tantric meditation technique done in the posture of shavasana (lying on your back) where the body is totally relaxed while the consciousness remains awake and alert.

Ultimately, Yoga Nidra is a doorway to uncovering your true nature.  It is an invaluable tool for releasing deep seated emotions and limiting thought patterns that obscure the truth of who we really are.

We are being guided during Yoga Nidra to completely let go of all tension and holding patterns in the body, which allows for any stored memories, feelings, and emotional or mental blockages to surface and dissolve.  When we free ourselves from these blockages, we free our body, minds and hearts, and we are able to live in total peace, joy, and freedom.

Of all the meditation techniques available, Yoga Nidra may well be one of the most easy, accessible and powerful techniques for individuals of all levels of experience.

What makes this meditation technique so appealing is that it’s done while lying on your back while remaining completely relaxed.  You honestly couldn’t ask for more comfort when it comes to ancient yogic techniques!

Even for the experienced meditator, Yoga Nidra provides an excellent alternative or companion to one’s seated meditation practice, especially in times of mental, emotional, or physical stress when sitting meditation becomes more difficult.

Yoga Nidra is not only an incredible technique to help realize your true nature, but it is a priceless resource for recovering from any physical, emotional or mental turmoil you have experienced in your life.

Stress, fatigue, anxiety, ill health, confusion, and unwanted habits can all be removed with the help of Yoga Nidra.

Insomnia can be cured and the ability to experience deep, restorative sleep can be attained.  In fact, during continued practice of Yoga Nidra, you should expect to find your sleep patterns improve dramatically, even to the extent of needing less time for sleep while feeling completely rested and rejuvenated.

The depth and extent to which Yoga Nidra can change your life can depend largely on your intention or what is called in SanskritSankalpa”…

The Sankalpa, in Yoga Nidra, is specifically guided to take place at certain stages within the practice so that the seed of intention can be planted deep within the subconscious levels of mind.

When we plant the seed of intention deep within, we are bypassing the conscious mind that tends to accept and reject things based on its conditioned patterning.  Thus, allowing for suppressed emotions and thought patterns to surface without being filtered through the habitual patterns of attachment and aversion.

The power of the Sankalpa is so strong when applied during the practice of Yoga Nidra, that it should be used with great intelligence and purpose, such as for personal development that leads to Self-realization – as it was originally intended.

When we work with a spiritual Sankalpa, as in developing the desire to realize the Self, or Atman, in turn, all of our problems, habits and tendencies will also be resolved and we will become more balanced, happy and fulfilled.

When working with intention or Sankalpa, there are a few very important guidelines to follow in order to ensure that the intention is deeply planted for successful manifestation:


The intention should be very precise and clear

In order for it to seep deep into the subconscious & unconscious mind.

Example:  “I am balanced and pure in mind, body and soul”.


It should be stated as a positive statement & in the present tense.

Avoid phasing your sankalpa in the negative or as an aspiration of what will happen in the future

Example,  “I am healthy & healed.”

Avoid: “I am not going to feel ill anymore” 


You need to believe, feel & experience your intention as manifesting now, at the present moment.

It should be said internally to yourself with a conviction that involves all your senses & your whole being.

You may also wish to work with the power of Gratitude.

The vibration connected with Gratitude is very high and powerful and increases the likelihood of manifestation. 

Example: “Thank you for a body free of smoke & illness”  or “Thank you for an awakened mind, body, and heart”.

When working with Sankalpa, it is suggested that you work with one intention at a time, and use it continuously throughout your practice of Yoga Nidra until it has come into manifestation.  The time required to manifest your intention depends on both the nature of your Sankalpa, the degree to which it is planted in the mind, and your sincerity and deep felt desire to manifest your intention.

Yoga Nidra is truly an amazing technique, that when coupled with Sankalpa, can be a very powerful way to transform our lives.

Yoga Nidra can be done at any time of the day and applied in countless ways.

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About The Author

Lily Goncalves

For over 20 years Lily has helped thousands of students deepen their yoga and meditation practices, find purpose, live healthier and connect to the Divine. With a master’s degree in Counselling Psychology, from the University of B.C. in Canada, her time starring on Namaste TV, and her intensive immersion in the ashrams of South India, Lily bridges the gap between the mystical and spiritual practices of the sages of India, with a grounded, practical and scientific approach to body/mind/spirit integration.


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