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The magical island of Bali, Indonesia is the home of one of planet Earth’s last living spiritual cultures.  It’s origins stem from south India and the great siddha yoga masters that brought the yogic culture to all of south-east Asia including Java and then Bali.  Oral and written tradition affirms that sage Markendaya traveled to Java and his descendants later migrated to Bali about 500 years ago to preserve their sacred knowledge and culture as destructive forces descended into Java.

Bali is an eclectic mix of not only Vedic but also Tantric, Buddhist and Indigenous beliefs, which merged in it’s early formative period.  Yet in this wide diversity a common, unified thread of deep spiritual attunement allows any potential divergence in lifestyle, beliefs or practices to merge back into the essential unity that is the heart of Balinese culture.

For the Balinese, the natural world is infused with spiritual energy and their deep and profound connection to the invisible energy abundant in nature is tangible reality.  Their whole culture is impregnated with rituals and ceremonies that honor the invisible force that in yoga is called “prana,” or the all-pervading cosmic energy.  This Pranic force permeates all of life and for the Balinese is as real as the air we breathe.

Their world is alive with pranic forces that are embodied in both physical and non-physical forms.  Through offerings, prayer, yoga and meditation they attune themselves with the inner worlds and continually play with the dance of internal and external elemental energies – continually bringing them into balance.

At the heart of Balinese culture are deep Universal Truths that sustain and bring balance to each individual, the communities we live in, and to Mother Nature as a whole.  The Balinese have a remembrance of nature’s secrets and a silent language everyone around the world can speak…the language of love…the language of compassion.

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