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Shared Suite

(2 students per room)

2 students share a suite WITHIN a large 3 room villa that has its own pool, living room and kitchen

Shared Deluxe

(2 students per room)

2 students share a deluxe room WITHIN a large 3 room villa that has its own pool, living room and kitchen

Shared Villa

(2 students per villa)

2 students share a large 1 bedroom villa that has its own pool, living room and kitchen


We are honored to receive your application and to ensure the highest quality of training possible please make sure that you meet or exceed our prerequisites, understand the certification and tuition process, as well as consent to our course guidelines, before sending an application form.

Please be aware that our courses normally fill up 1-2 months before they begin and we receive many applications per course. 

Please ensure that you meet or exceed our prerequisites (see below) or contact us if you have any questions.

Read the “Yoga Alliance Certification,” “Payment Plan,” “Accommodation/Food” and “Spiritual Code of Conduct” sections below.  Your consent to meet these terms is necessary for your application to be accepted (see below).

Submit an online application form (see below). You will receive a reply from us within 1-3 days regarding your acceptance.

Yoga Alliance Registered School

i) Prerequisites

1) A minimum of 2 years of dedicated yoga practice. Exceptions can be made if you have an accumulated experience of 1 year of dedicated yoga practice in addition to meditation and/or healing training. Priority is given to students with a background in meditation & other spiritual practices.

2) A minimum age of 21 years old.  To become a skilled yoga teacher takes many years of not only yoga asana practice, but also many years of life experience.  Younger students are encouraged to wait, and mature into their practice and range of life experiences before considering becoming a teacher.

3) A strong grasp of the English language.  The Blooming Lotus Yoga courses are conducted in English, and therefore we ask that all students be fluent in English so they can read, write and communicate the course material.

Many students choose to do our yoga courses to deepen their practice as well as for teaching yoga. It’s a unique opportunity to delve deeply into yoga and understand it from a broad and holistic perspective – as well as being a time for self-transformation. As such, it is important to recognize that such an intense therapeutic program can illicit deep transformation from within.

Each student needs to take into account the intensity involved in a Yoga Teacher Training course both physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually when considering whether or not to apply. Please make sure to let us know if you have any particular needs that we should be aware of, with respect to participating in the courses.

ii) Yoga Alliance Certification

The Blooming Lotus Yoga School’s Yoga Teacher Training Programs are certified with the Yoga Alliance. Upon completion of any of the Blooming Lotus’ Yoga Courses, each qualified student will receive a Yoga Alliance Approved Teacher Training Certificate. This certificate is recognized by most yoga studios and centers, internationally, as an indication that you are a qualified yoga teacher.

Criteria for Teacher Training Certification: Each student is expected to attend and participate in all course sessions.  Participation in the yoga teacher training course includes asana practice, meditation, homework assignments, self-study, and teaching practicums. If a student is absent for less than 10 hrs of their course, due to emergency or illness, course content can be made up. If a student is absent for more than 10 hr.s they may take another course at a future date for 25% of the total tuition cost. In addition to class attendance and participation, any assignments given during the program must be completed, and the student must demonstrate an adequate mastery of the asanas, pranayama, meditation techniques, theory, practicum, and teaching skills in order to receive certification. Should a student not qualify for certification, the student may participate in a future yoga teacher training course at the Blooming Lotus Yoga School at a reduced rate of 50% of the total tuition costs.

*The Blooming Lotus Yoga school reserves the right to decline certification to any student who does not fulfill course obligations and attendance or who does not meet our standards for certification.

Each student is welcome to formally register with the Yoga Alliance once they have completed our 200 hr. yoga teacher training. Please check the Yoga Alliance website for details on how to register with them and the prerequisites they require (www.yogaalliance.com).

iii) Payment Plan

The tuition for the Blooming Lotus Yoga Teacher Training Course is one of the most affordable worldwide.  Along with our spectacular location, delicious and organic yogic cuisine and world class accommodations, we offer one of the best value training courses in the world. Once accepted into the program there are 3 steps to follow:


STEP 1 (DEPOSIT): A non-refundable deposit of $500 USD, via credit card or Paypal*, will be required after acceptance into the course.  This will be due within 5 days to secure your place and forms a part of the tuition and is non-refundable.

STEP 2 (TUITION): The remaining tuition payment of $1500 USD can be paid through an online credit card payment or PayPal* 2 months before the course begins.

STEP 3 (ACCOMMODATION/FOOD): The outstanding payment will be due on arrival in Indonesian Rupiah.  This can be paid in cash or through credit/debit card. Students living off-site skip this step.

*An additional 3.4% transaction fee will be added to credit card payments or 4.4% if you choose to use PayPal 

Please note if the tuition payment has not been paid 2 months prior to the Yoga Teacher Training start date your place in the program will be given to someone else on the wait-list. Please contact us if you need to extend any of these deadlines or if you need other payment options.

Teacher Training Cancellation Policy: In the case of an emergency situation – to be determined by the Blooming Lotus Yoga School – 75% of the total tuition may be refunded up until 1 month before the Yoga Teacher Training’s start date.

iv) Accommodations and Food

On-Site Accommodations

Each on-site student will be sharing a room with another student.  Our retreat venue has multiple large villas – some with 3 rooms (for students staying in shared suites or shared deluxes) or just 1 room (for students staying in shared villas).  Each room accommodates only 2 students.  In each room, there are 2 separate beds and a private bathroom to be shared by the 2 students. Each villa within the retreat venue has its own pool for you to play and relax in, a living room to socialize and hang-out together with the other students and a full kitchenette so you can have your own special snacks and drinks on hand.  For further details click here to learn more about our amazing accommodations.


Off-Site Accommodations

It is possible to arrange your own accommodations off-site, however, due to the intensive schedule, this will require commuting to school multiple times per day.  This option is only recommended for those already familiar with Bali and are comfortable driving a scooter, or arranging a driver.  In addition, there is limited time in-between classes, and cooking or eating out at restaurants will be very challenging.  As such, it is highly recommended for off-site students to have their meals with the group ($16/day for all 3 meals).  Please note, if you choose this option you will need alot of personal discipline, in order to follow the daily schedule and not miss any class time.  If you wish to live off-site, please contact us before sending an application to learn more. 



Our onsite vegan restaurant Amrita offers you incredible organic, locally sourced food that is delicious, nutritious and is based on the yogic principle of Ahimsa (non-violence: to people, the planet and it’s creatures). You will be served a delicious vegan breakfast, lunch and dinner for 20 days of the YTT course.  There will be 3 full days off within the entire 23-day course in which you can explore Bali – go to the beach, visit temples, climb volcanoes, snorkel/scuba dive or simply unwind.  During these days off you can choose to eat out for the entire day or order off the menu at our onsite Amrita restaurant. As such, the cost of food for 20 days is included in the all inclusive packages, with the remaining 3 days off for you to enjoying eating where you choose at your own additional cost.

Note: We are able to accommodate low-gluten diets and peanut allergies.  However, as all meals are set for the entire group we cannot cater to any other special request, preference or allergy.

v) Spiritual Code of Conduct

This Code of Conduct outlines acceptable, ethical, and professional behavior by which all graduates agree to conduct the teaching of yoga. This code is intended to uphold our inherent essence of respect, integrity, and compassion. Upon certification each student is expected to uphold certain professional and ethical standards in line with Blooming Lotus Yoga Schools’ ‘Spiritual Code of Conduct’. Any infringement on these ethical and professional standards that are brought to our attention will be looked into. Should we find that the ‘Spiritual Code of Conduct’ agreement has been breached by the student, a revocation of certification with the Blooming Lotus Yoga School may occur.


As a graduate of the Blooming Lotus Yoga School’s Teacher Training Program, I agree to uphold the following Spiritual Code of Conduct:


  1. Suspend all alcohol, smoking and drug consumption for the duration of the Yoga Teacher Training Course.
  2. Uphold the integrity of yoga by acting professionally and in a conscientious manner.
  3. Respect all students from their varied backgrounds and levels of awareness.
  4. Create and maintain a safe, clean, and comfortable environment for the practice of yoga.
  5. Acknowledge the limitations of my skills and scope of practice and where appropriate, refer students to seek alternative instruction, advice, treatment, or direction.
  6. Avoid words and actions that are disrespectful and harmful to others.
  7. Respect the rights, dignity, and privacy of all students.
  8. Adhere to the traditional yoga principles as written in the Yoga Sutras, Yamas and Niyamas.

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