Yoga Teacher Training Bali

Yoga Teacher Training Bali

~ Yoga Instructor Certification Courses in Paradise ~

Experience your yoga teacher training on the magical island of Bali, Indonesia.  Our yoga teacher certification courses are registered with the Yoga Alliance and are offered in 200 hour and 300 hour intensives.  Prepare to immerse yourself in the bliss of yoga as you study and practice this timeless art and science of total well-being. The courses are broken down into both theory and practical application so that you can evolve into yoga at your own pace while learning the skills necessary to teach yoga with compassion, wisdom and intuition.  This course is the most unique yoga teacher training Bali has to offer.  Bridging the ancient wisdom of the Indian sages with the modern innovations of yoga asana.

We welcome all students to register and require at least 2 years of continual yoga practice as well as fluency in the English language.  When you are ready to apply you can do so by visiting our yoga teacher training application page where you can submit an online form.  Once received we will email you back within a week to let you know if you have been accepted into the program.

Blooming-Lotus-Yoga-Teacher Training Bali

The Blooming Lotus Yoga teacher training certification programs are an evolutionary integration of Yoga, Tantra and Vedanta. Set in the excellent learning atmosphere of the exotic island of Bali, where the crystal blue sea waters & white sand seasides welcome you to play & relax. Our retreat environment offers intimate course sizes for personalized mentoring, budget friendly tuition, deep philosophy in yogic wisdom & a complete immersion in to the Yoga way of living. These Yoga Teacher Training certification courses empower you to embody & teach yoga with wisdom & intuition as an internal transformation connects you to the Spiritual Self within. Ideal for both educators & students that want to grow their personal practice, these Yoga Teacher Training courses explore the depths of yoga via:

  • An exploration of the Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin, Power & Restorative types of yoga asanas.
  • A total outline of the freedom teachings of Yoga
  • Techniques of the inner yoga exercises of pranayama
  • A substantial training practicum that accesses your ability teach verbally & nonverbally, to “mirror” asanas, make use of metaphors & inspiration, while incorporating hand mudras, poetry, music & dancing in to classes.
  • An intro to Ayurveda & healing natural herbs you can make use of to grow your practice.
  • Accessing the depths of Yoga via mind-calming exercises like the Heart Meditation, Mantras & Self-Inquiry.
  • Initiation into the  kundalini practices of Tantra.
  • The chance to find out about Vedic Astrology and acquire insight in to your unique karma.
  • An introduction to Yoga Nidra for internal healing and self-transformation.
Blooming Lotus is so much more than a yoga studio or yoga training. Lily and Ramananda encapsulate the meaning of Yogi. Their knowledge, passion and love for life and all sentient beings is beyond imagination. All of this in the wonders of the jungles…magnificent and beyond words. A must for anyone looking to enhance their yogic path. - Deanna, USA

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